Writing, Editing and Grants with CJ Martin

I work with a broad range of subjects and in a variety of forms, from case studies to video scripts.

While I enjoy editing and writing all sorts of material, I have a special love for working on grant applications.

Editing is more than proofreading for spelling errors. An editor pays attention to what you are trying to say, and makes sure that you are actually saying it. An editor makes sure your written work is clear, coherent, concise, correct and compelling.

As an editor, I can help with which words to choose, and in what order to arrange ideas and information.

You provide me a draft of your material, and I will help you communicate what you want, in your voice.

Writing projects start with an idea or subject, a tone, an intended audience, and a specific purpose. Once I know those things, I can get started for you!

Whether you need something as short as a letter or blog post, or as long as a policy manual or business proposal, I’ll make sure your written material represents you well.

With 15 years in the non-profit sector, 4 years on a non-profit board, and 3 years editing grants for a Canadian Research Chair position, I have worked on many grants and proposals. I understand how to present information in a way that is most relevant to the funder's interests, and to ensure that each question is answered to score top points. I have an 80% success rate.

The most economical way to use my expertise is to have me edit a grant that you have written. Once you have a draft with all the information that you want included, let me work on it to make sure you are doing everything you can to get the funding. As an experienced outsider with fresh eyes, I can see what is missing, as well as what can be improved.

If you don’t have someone to do the first draft, I can start from scratch and write the grant for you.

I have such confidence in my skills as a grant writer/editor that I offer a special arrangement: you pay the second half of my fee only when the grant is successful. See the Pricing & Policies page for details.